Public Market in search of next anchor tenant

Public Market in search of next anchor tenant
Posted on 09/12/2023

A unique opportunity for local chefs and entrepreneurs is available as the Lenexa Public Market is soliciting letters of interest to fill one of the anchor stall locations in the popular food hall.

The opportunity comes as Chef Kate Smith, owner of Butterfield’s Bakery & Market, is refocusing her business model on what first brought her to the Public Market – baked goods and desserts. Butterfield’s will end its kitchen operations at the Market on Sunday, Sept. 10. Smith is working with Public Market staff on a strategy to potentially keep her brand and delicious desserts available to Public Market guests.

“We did exactly what we set out to do in the former Mad Man’s BBQ space," said Smith. "It was an opportunity to keep my team employed through the pandemic, while creating another dining option for Public Market guests during the peak of COVID. It became more successful than I had imagined and allowed me to work on my brand and expand my bakery business, Kate Smith Soirée. Now that the Public Market is fully operating again, it’s the perfect time for me to take a step back into what we do best – desserts. I don’t plan on leaving the Public Market if they’ll have me; it will just look a little different this time. So, this is not a goodbye; it’s a see you soon.”

“The Lenexa Public Market has always been about growth and change for our merchants,” said Public Market Manager Tessa Adcock. “We are both excited to support Kate’s new direction and eager to find a tenant to join our extraordinary group of local restaurant entrepreneurs. Kate Smith Soirée bakery items will remain available at the Lenexa Public Market in a pop-up restaurant capacity through the fall, so look for those dates on our website.”

The space is available beginning Oct. 1, 2023. Those interested in being considered as a new tenant must submit a letter of interest to Tessa Adcock by Oct. 18, 2023, describing their vision and restaurant concept. While all letters of interest will be considered, the ideal merchant will build on the diverse flavors which already exist in the Lenexa Public Market.

“We are looking for a complementary restaurant concept that brings a unique flavor profile to the Public Market,” said Adcock. 

The 500-square-foot merchant stall is designed for a commercial kitchen and includes a commercial hood and fire suppression system. Further information about the space’s amenities, lease requirements and how to apply can be found below. 

“This is an exciting opportunity for someone who has been dreaming about opening a restaurant or expanding a small business,” said Adcock. “Our mission is to support local entrepreneurs and create a dynamic, welcoming space. Each merchant plays an important role in the Public Market’s success, and we look forward to the discovery and collaborative process it entails.”

Letter of interest to become a Public Market merchant

Request for Interest and Information

If you are unable to view the form below, you can use this link to open it in a new window. 

Published Aug. 29, 2023