Kimchi and Bap joins Public Market

Kimchi and Bap joins Public Market
Posted on 04/17/2023

Lenexa Public Market guests will soon enjoy the fresh Korean flavors of Kimchi and Bap on a regular basis when Chef/Owner Lisa Hamblen opens a Market stall later this summer.

Hamblen has perfected Kimchi and Bap’s menu through pop-up events at the Lenexa Public Market over the past year.

“I am very honored that I get to share my love of Korean food with others,” said Hamblen. “My hope is that when people eat at Kimchi and Bap, the flavors bring a sense of nostalgia of being with family and friends. And if it is someone’s first experience eating Korean food, I hope to make it memorable for them. I am honored and excited to be part of the Lenexa Public Market and share my love of Korean food with others.”

The stall will be located between African Dream Cuisine and Sohaila’s Kitchen.

“The unique flavors from Kimchi and Bap’s Korean concept further diversifies the food offerings at the Market,” said Lenexa Public Market Manager Tessa Adcock. “Personally, I am excited for such a veggie-forward option, providing a ton of color and textures on one plate.”

As an incubator space, the Lenexa Public Market helps local entrepreneurs grow their business.

“Like many of the more seasoned food merchants at the Market, Lisa’s passion for food and vision for her restaurant concept has grown from within the Market,” said Adcock. “She began as a pop-up restaurant in 2022 and shared her Korean flair about once a month all year long. It seems so natural and welcomed to have her continue growing in the now open incubator stall on the market floor.”

When making Korean food, Hamblen sticks with traditional flavors to bring a home-cooked feel to her dishes.

“I strive to find the freshest ingredients and use as many Korean products available,” said Hamblen. “With the different seasoned vegetables known as banchan (side dishes), there are endless food options making any table more colorful. Korean food brings a variety of different textures from crunchy to crispy and flavors such as, sweet, savory and tangy. For the foodie who likes spicy to the person who loves vegetables, there is something for all to enjoy.”

To prepare for the new merchant, upgrades to the stall will happen in the coming weeks. An exact opening date will be announced soon.

Published April 17, 2023